we support your HVAC installations

we support your HVAC installations

Alixo, professional accessories for HVAC installations

Your customer relies on you for your knowledge and personal service. A satisfied customer becomes your first supporter, your billboard. However, in addition to the importance of a well-functioning installation, a neat installation and professionally finished assembly also plays a very important role in the final assessment of your customer. With Alixo accessories, you install with an eye for quality and durability. With an eye for your reputation and brand awareness.

Alixo is a European brand that specialises in assembly and installation accessories for refrigeration and air conditioning technology (HVAC/R). Ease of installation and use, combined with durable and high quality materials, is the starting point by which Alixo distinguishes itself. Discover the Alixo range here.

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Alixo step-overs :

Step-overs have been specially developed to ensure installers and service technicians a smooth and safe route through larger climate installations. The solid construction stands free-standing on the roof, so without roof perforations.

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Alixo roof inlets :

The Alixo roof passages allow you to bring pipes and cables through the roof and are suitable for installation on any type of flat roof. The wide base and the wide cover stop the penetration of rain. Alixo roof inlets are available in aluminium, synthetic material or stainless steel. For cables and pipes through outer walls, we offer the Alixo wall inlets.

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Alixo frames :

Large technical units, chillers, air groups... with the Alixo Frame Sets you can install them on flat or slightly sloping roofs in a stable and maintenance-free manner. Basic units can easily be extended with extension units to any size of installation.

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Alixo Foot socles :

With Alixo Foot, you choose sturdy, recycled rubber plinths to fix pipes, outdoor units or cables on flat roofs or flat surfaces. They are available in various lengths and heights (Alixo Foot and Alixo High Foot). These multi-purpose Alixo socles are UV-resistant, water-repellent and suitable for all types of outdoor units.

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Alixo wall brackets :

Fixing HVAC outdoor units to the wall is done safely and securely with the Alixo wall bases. They are available in stainless steel, composite or galvanised material. A stable roof support is also available for installations on a sloping roof.

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Alixo Protective Cages :

Alixo protective cages are not only attractive to the eye, they also protect outdoor units against damage, weather conditions or even vandalism by securely placing them behind a solid casing. The Alixo protective cages are easy to install, both on the ground and at height, and maintain optimal air circulation around the units.

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Alixo drainpipes :

The flexible and hard Alixo drainpipes ensure a safe and smooth drainage of condensation water. Besides the condensation drainpipes, there are numerous Alixo accessories to complete the condensation drain installation.

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Air Alixo cleaning products :

Regular cleaning is essential to ensure the longevity of HVAC units. The Air Alixo range includes a wide range of EU-certified cleaning products, from standard maintenance to deep cleaning. In the Air Alixo range, you will also find 100% biodegradable cleaning products.


Alixo, your guarantee of quality

Alixo products are manufactured in the EU under the strictest requirements of quality and sustainability. Numerous installation companies in Europe, small and large, are satisfied with the use and ease of installation of our durable Alixo HVAC accessories.

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